Last Saturday Eurovision was celebrated in Germany. Eurovison is one  musical  competition  in Europe. In Eurovision  43 countries participated but only 25 arrived to the final.


In Eurovision 2011 Lucia Perez, the girl who represented Spain with the song ” Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao” stayed in the position 23 with 50 points. In these 50 points the highest ponctuation were the 12 points of Portugal and the 10 points of France. Lucia Perez  is so much fun but  did`t care about  being in the penultimate position because she did everything she could.


Azerbaiyan won Eurovision with the song “Running Scared” and  Ell and Nikki were the singers. They had 221 points, a lot of countries gave to Azerbaiyan 12 points.

In our opinion Denamark was the winer because they sing better. Dinamark had 134 and they stayed in the 5 position. The song was New Tomorrow and the singer were the members of the group A friend In London. The song deals about the pollution of the nature.


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