Travels around the world


Bilbao it’s a beutiful city that situated in Vasque Country exactly in Bizkaia.

These city has a lot of places to visit for all tipes of persons :

Theres interesting museum for the people who like exhibitions.

The museum Guggenhein is a amazing museum, apart of the building that is amazing too, on Guggenhein are a lot of famous exhibition and it`t a great palace for visit. Frank Gehry was her builder.

A lot of shopping centers for all the people

There are a lot of shopping center like Zubiarte, a great place to pase the day. In zubiarte are a lot of clothing stores like a Zara, Pull And Bear,

El Museo The La Cultura Del Vino for people who likes wine


Hawaii is a very beutifull island situated in the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii is made of 8 important islands: Oahu,  Big Island, Maui, Kaua`i, Lana`i, Moloka`i, Kaho`Olawe and Ni`ihau. Hawaii is a fantastic place to pase the summer, because Hawaii has got a very warm climate and has got a lot of beachs.


Big Island





Kaho’ Olawe



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