Tuenti and Facebook


“Tuenti” is a social net that all teennagers use. Some of the almost teenagers are adicted the others have got problems to write correctly at the school. the scientist say that now a days people speak face to face with more difilculty

But this social net has got good parts too. For example, there are more ore posibilities to comunicate with people of other cities and is free. Now a days you have to be careful too, because there are people that lie her identities or wanta to meet you on a place to violate.


This social net is similar to Tuenti, but has got differences; facebook is for all the world and tuenti is only for Spain. The protype is the same and has got the same carcteristics.


This social net is completely diferent from the others. The network allows to send plain text messages in size with a maximum of 140 characters, called tweets, which are displayed on the user’s home page. Users can subscribe to tweets from other users – this is called “Forward ” and the subscribers are called “followers ”  or tweeps  (‘Twitter’ + ‘peeps’). By default, messages are public and can spread privately shown only to followers. Users can twitter from the web service from official external applications (such as smartphones), or via Short Message Service (SMS) available in certain countries.  While the service is free, access to it via SMS behavior support prices set by the wireless provider. This network is used usually by famous .


Is a site of social interaction consists of personal profiles of users that includes networks of friends, groups, blogs, photos, videos and music, plus an internal messaging network that enables users to communicate with each other and an internal search engine.


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