Maldita Nerea

Maldita Nerea is a Spanish rock band, led by Jorge Ruiz.

Band from Murcia, first began taking small gigs in Murcia and continued with performances in places of Salamanca, where Jorge was transferred for further study of speech, the first concert there were a surprising success.

They take for sale his first album on 2003 “Cuarto creciente”.

Maldita Nerea “Cuarto Creciente”.

Them, with “Malditaaqueta” in 2004.

Maldita Nerea”Maldita maqueta”.

Later they countiniun in 2007 with “El secreto de las tortugas”.

Maldita Nerea “El secreto de las tortugas”.

In 2009 They make a album that rebolutions the radios, dicographis… ” Es un secreto… No se lo digas a nadie”.

Maldita Nerea”Es un secret… No se lo digas a nadie”.

In 2011 they released their new project, Easy, with the simple presentation of the April 9, 2011, after launching on YouTube and iTunes as usual, and marketing of the new album from 17 May. It was recorded in Sabadell, at the “The Branch” after a stoppage of training after finishing the Tour of Murcia 2010.

Present their new album for more than 60 Spanish cities with its new Swivel ‘from May 2011.Entre these localities are cities such as Murcia, Valladolid, Barcelona, Madrid … throughout the Spanish territory and the news that the tour will also stop in London on October 28.

The same day they released the album in itunes, got the No. 1 record sales in the itunes page, and the album also hit No. 1 in week out.


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