atlethic club de bilbao

Atlethic Club is a futboll team of Bilbao. Is the sixtin on de lige now the vasks has got the best fans on the world, now I´m going to tell as the players:

Fernando Llorente

Is the best player in the team because he is in “La Roja” team Spanish selection. Is one of the estrikers in this team.

Javi Martinez

Iker Muniain

Is  leftmost and nickname is “Bart Simpson”.

Raul Fernandez

Is the new soccer goalkeeper of Athletic club Bilbao. The coach thinks tha is going to be very good at this sport.

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Luis Fernandez and Maxi Iglesias


The firts handsome boy of the week is a Spanish actor that appears in the Spanish series ” Los  protegidos”. In the series his name is “Culebra” but in real life his name is Luis Fernandez.

He was born in Madrid on the 31th of december in 1984. He is 26 years old.


The second handsome boy is Maxi Iglesias. He is a Spanish actor too and he participates in the series of Los Protegidos too. He participated in other teenagers’ series like Fisica o Quimica.

He is  20 yearsrs old. He was born  on the 6th  of february in Madrid in 1990.

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On the 27the of March the vasque country  runs  the  Spainish competition of “cross” in Asturias. They runs 4 kilometres . The Basque Country 8 cadet girls, 8 cadet boys, 8 juvenil girls and 8 juvenil boys. 140 cadet girls took part in the race and all of them tried their best to arrive as soon as possible to the finishing line.The Basque cadet girls arrived the 7th community and 17 comunities took place in the race. The race was won by one girl of Castilla y Leon and this community won the communities classification of cadet female.

Last Saturday the cadet, juvenil and junior girls and boys  ran the championship of Bizkaia . Some of them weren`t feeling  very well because last week they went to Santander for a gathering  and there they trained a lot. In the morning cadet  girls ran 1000 metres. Nahikari Legina arrived the firts ,the second was Leire Santamaria she broke and she couldn`t beat Nahikari and the 3rh Andrea De La Torre . In the afternoon cadet girls ran the 1500 metres steeplechase. Leire Gorritxategi arrived in the firts position,  Nora Narbaiza arrived in the second position and in the 3rh position there was Leire Santamaria .

This weekend the Bizkaia born Arantza Moreno Fernandez has done the minimum of javelin of the championship of the word. She is 16 years old and she throws almost 45 meters.


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